Introduction to Joint Health

Joint health is a major concern for individuals across all ages and lifestyles. You just need to stand on a busy town street and watch people walk by or stand in a queue and you will overhear the stories of the aches and pains in their hands, knees, back and shoulders, you then realise just how many.

From energetic children to active adults, continues impact from jumping, running, cycling and many other physical activates puts a lot of stress on the joints and as we get older, joints often begin to wear and tear from years of overuse or injuries. When there is excess wear and tear, more raw material is needed for the joints and surrounding structures in our bodies.

A recent study suggests that more than 10 million people in the UK have some or other joint discomfort that is affecting their quality of life, making normal daily activities and mobility a challenge.


Your all-in-one joint maintenance solution that contains a unique blend of nutrients to replenish the body’s natural levels of cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, bone matrix and skin with antioxidant properties for the protection of cells from oxidative damage.

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  • 62-day supply based on 1 scoop per day.
  • Chicken Collagen.
  • Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid and Shellfish-Free Glucosamine HCL.
  • Contains 100% of the RI of Vitamin D & E.
  • Contains over 300% of the RI of Vitamin C.
  • Contains over 100% of the RI of Manganese
  • Powerful Antioxidants for Free Radical Defence providing more than 6 000 ORAC per serving.
  • Product contains additional special co-factors to assist joint maintenance.
  • Product is produced in the United Kingdom in a facility with Good Manufacturing Practice.
  • Independent third-party laboratory tests regularly undertaken to ensure standards are maintained.
  • Formulated to Contain NO: Gluten, Dairy, Lactose, Soya, Shellfish, added Sugar, artificial preservatives or coloring and Non-GMO.
  • Allergens: Chicken & Egg.


The olive tree is one of the greatest gifts of nature. Its fruits delight people and most importantly provides health through natural therapeutic remedies. The key benefits and evidence behind the magic of the olive tree lies in the function of the group of compounds called polyphenol. Polyphenols are found in all parts of the plants, fruits, leaves, and seeds, all with varies concentration in each one of them. Olive trees generally have three different types of polyphenols, Tyrosol, Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein.

Oleuropein is an important element and provides many health promoting benefits, such as helping the body strongly resistant to the growth of parasites, fungi, harmful bacteria, boost immunity and an anti-inflammatory.

  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress.
  • Promotes the body’s natural defences.
  • The most effective way to deliver olive oil.


From Egyptians to ancient Greece, various parts of the grape have been used for natural remedies. Grape seed extract contains potent antioxidant properties like flavonoids, phenolic acids and Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin (OPC). Grape seed extract also contains vitamins E and P, linoleic acid and a polyphenol referred to as Reservatrol. The latter is renowned for its anti-aging effects and protects against oxidative and free radical damage.

  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress.
  • High in Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin (OPC)
  • Standardised to 95% OPC
  • Potent free-radical fighter.
  • Anti-Aging.


Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and a potent antioxidant. The body cannot store vitamin C, so regular dietary intake is essential in order to avoid a deficiency. Vitamin C contributes to normal Collagen formation for the normal function of:

  • Bones and cartilage
  • Skin
  • Blood vessels
  • Gums
  • Teeth
  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • Regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E


D-alpha tocopheryl succinate

Vitamin E used in this supplement. D-Alpha Tocopherol is a natural and potent form of vitamin E that is often more beneficial for humans. The liver is found to excrete all other forms but re-secretes alpha tocopherol into the body for use.
Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant an essential nutrient that is used to help the body fight against free radicals.

  • Vitamin E at the cellular level contributes to protection of cell membranes from oxidation stress.


Manganese is an essential trace nutrient, meaning you only need small amounts to maintain optimum health. The primary use of manganese citrate is to provide a bioavailable source of manganese. It plays a role in several chemical processes in the human body, including getting energy from food for an optimal metabolism, protecting cells from oxidative stress caused by free radical damage and supporting healthy bones.

The most significant dietary sources of manganese include leafy, green vegetables, nut, seeds, legumes and health supplements which also provide manganese in several biologically available forms, including manganese citrate.

  • Maintenance of bones.
  • Formation of connective tissue.
  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress.
  • A mineral important in cartilage production.


Boswellia Serrata also known as Indian Frankincense is an herbal extract sourced from the gum resin produced by the Boswellia Tree native to India, Northern Africa and Middle East. A tree botanical that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. This unique herb contains a strong presence of phytonutrients and other plant-based antioxidants. Boswellia and Turmeric are often used in conjunction to promote superior herbal nutrition.

  • May Improves joint comfort and function.
  • Protects the body from oxidative damage.


Turmeric is the root of a flowering perennial plant (Curcuma longa). Turmeric has been used in Chinese and Indian for thousands of years as a spice and for its many health benefits. It is loaded with potent antioxidants, the primary active compound in turmeric is curcumin, one component of a mixture of various phytonutrients called curcuminoids. Curcuminoids are also what give turmeric powder its distinct, deep, yellow-gold colouring.

  • Potent antioxidants to protect cells from oxidative stress.
  • May promote the joints comfort.
  • May help maintain overall health and wellness.


Collagen Type II

is the major collagen found in cartilage. It makes up 50% of all protein in the main component of cartilage and 85–90% of collagen of articular cartilage playing a key role in joints and other connective tissues. It’s part of a tightly packed matrix of fibrils and fibres that gives cartilage its tensile strength and elasticity. Collagen is the key structural component of cartilage tissue and maintaining its integrity is essential to maintain flexible joints. Sourced from Chicken Sternum, provides bioavailable, low molecular weight and standardized to contain 10% Hyaluronic Acid, 20% Chondroitin Sulfate and 60% Collagen Type II.


is naturally produced within the joints of the body, but rarely found in natural food sources. It is a key structural component of joint tissue. Glucosamine is the basis of the synthesis of several important macromolecules including glycoproteins, glycolipids and glycosaminoglycans. These macromolecules can be found in the synovial fluid, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Derived from a plant source, Glucosamine Hydrochloride is an alternative form of glucosamine. Rather than being sourced from shellfish, our glucosamine HCI is derived from a sustainable corn-based source making it suitable for anyone suffering from a shellfish allergy.

Chondroitin Sulfate

is a glycosaminoglycan (GAG) which occurs naturally in the body and is an especially important component of joint cartilage and synovial tissue. Chondroitin promotes water retention within the joint by acting as a lubricant and a means to absorb shock. This nutrient thus helps to support the maintenance of healthy, flexible joint tissue and promotes proper joint mobility and comfort.

Hyaluronic Acid

is a compound present in every tissue of the body, with the highest concentrations occurring in connective tissues such as skin and cartilage. Hyaluronic Acid is an important constituent of joint fluid, where it serves as a lubricant and plays a role in resisting compressive forces.

  • Connects Bones.
  • Acts as a shock absorber.
  • Act as lubricator allowing connected bones to move without friction.
  • Allows tissue to bear mechanical stress.


Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin which can be manufactured by the body as a result of sunlight falling on our skin or by been ingested from food. Modern lifestyles have decreased the exposure we get from the sun, which has made it more important to monitor potential deficiency.

  • Maintenance of normal bones.
  • Maintenance of normal muscle function.
  • Maintenance of joint connective tissue.